It is with great excitement that Lockley Farm are announcing the launch of a brand new sustainable vineyard at the farm from 2022! As traditional arable farmers it has taken many years to step in this new direction, but with the position of British Agriculture more uncertain than the weather, it was time to try something new. Having said that, we will still be growing our traditional crops right alongside the vineyard, so the new and the old will work hand in hand.

While we know our stuff when it comes to farming wheat and oats, grapes are a whole new challenge and we will have to learn from scratch. With the help of experts in the field of viticulture, Vinescapes and Veriason, we hope to create our own brand of exciting new wines from 2025 when the first crop will be harvested.

In the coming months, more will be revealed about the new vineyard which will be running sustainably from its planting in 2022. We will be revealing the official name, updates on how the vineyard preparations are going, new collaborations and more via our social media, blog and email updates. There will be the opportunity to visit the vineyard as early as 2022 as well as the chance to help out with anything from picking to pruning! Just a short walk from the local Welwyn North train station and stones throw from the A1M, the vineyard will be easy to reach and offer a unique location so close to London yet nestled in the Hertfordshire countryside on a working arable farm.

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