From wheat to wine..

Just months before the planting of our vineyard, we were harvesting wheat off the same field. Nature and the global agricultural climate have been throwing some challenges our way and as farmers we are used to adapting. While at Lockley Farm our family have been growing cereals such as wheat, barley and oats for decades, changes in the climate as well as the instability of British farming due to Brexit, government trade deals with larger farming economies, and crushing rules and regulations, have left many farmers like us seeking diversification projects. We also want to make the best of the land we have got at our disposal, continuing to make British farming as efficient as possible.

So when we found out how suitable our plot would be for a vineyard we were delighted (see the blog about this here), as we have struggled in the last few years to get a solid cereal crop here. By planting the vineyard we hope to make better use of the climate and soil in this area while making it more profitable too. This will not be easy, as a vineyard takes a lot of manual as well as mechanical labour to be a success. But we are keen to learn about Viticulture as we continue to work alongside nature!