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Exciting news as the first ever vineyard tours are announced at Lokkelebery Vineyard, on 3-4 September 2022. We cannot wait to welcome and share the vineyard with others! These one-off baby vineyard tours are set to be jam-packed with interesting areas to discover and much to see in just 2 hours.

Guided Tour

Tickets will of course include a guided tour with the farmers who established the vineyard. Visitors will be given an in-depth view of what it is like to run a vineyard, how it was established and what the future holds for Lokkelebery. There will be plenty of time to ask questions, take photos and learn about this new English vineyard.

Vineyard Discovery Marquee

Following the tour and Q&A, visitors will have the chance to explore our very own vineyard discovery marquee. There will be much to see, from the history of English wine, to tasting notes on what our future wine may taste like; a vineyard volunteer corner, a map of what Lokkelebery might look like in a few years time, a history of the vineyard, pop quizzes to test your wine knowledge and more!

Specialist Machinery

We will also have our gorgeous Mini Massey vineyard tractor on show, alongside other fascinating farm machinery and not forgetting our Special Project vehicles; a set of unseen, unique vehicles which will form a key part of the Lokkelebery landscape in years to come.


Last but not least there will be delicious homemade cake and soft drinks, while you take in the vineyard and rolling hills of Hertfordshire.


We hope to see you there! To book your ticket, please click here or on the button below. If you have any trouble booking, please email